resource – closed 31st July 2015

resource, in its current subscription form, came to a close on 31st July 2015.  A big thank you to all subscribers and supporters of the scheme.  Discussions are underway as to the future of Resource and updates will be posted as they occur.

In the meantime, please address all enquiries about The School of Textiles and Design at Heriot Watt University – and potential access to facilities – to Business Development Manager, Jim McVee:


01896 892142



resource opens doors – unlocking access to studio and workshop space at Heriot Watt University’s School of Textiles and Design based in Galashiels in the Scottish Borders, UK. Here you can build your own ad hoc ‘residency’ or programme of work, come and go in your own time. resource is the key to developing your personal creative practice, prototyping and collaborations. resource aims to foster and provide a supportive environment through informal peer and professional mentoring.


We are now offering a new subscription model:  

£50 for 6 months, which will suit an intensive period of experimentation and access to facilities at the School of Textiles and Design.

Note – the 6 month model is only open to subscribers until 31st January 2015, and will run no later than 31st July 2015 when the official project date ends.  

If you currently have an 18 month subscription to resource, this will run to the end date on your application, and will not be affected.   If your 18 month subscription is due to complete before 31st January 2015, you can apply for the new 6 month subscription to continue access to facilities at Heriot Watt University.

Just £50 for 6-months offers individual subscribers:

  • 50% reduction on all commercial use fees for screen and digital print, weave, knit, laser cutting and lots more
  • a free library ticket
  • reduced rates on summer schools
  • free tickets to networking events organised in partnership with CABN

As well as the individual subscription rate, there are also special rates for students registered elsewhere and for groups and agencies who support professional development for artists and designers.

Each type of subscription offers you the use of all technical facilities within the department – from laser cutting, to screen and digital print, weave, knit, advanced technologies and testing, fully equipped clothing workshop, Mac Lab and more – with support of specialist technician time when you need it.

Please complete the resource Subscription Form and Terms and Conditions Agreement – available to download and print by clicking on the icons below.

resource-subscription-form  resource-t&c-form

Alternatively, you can email your full contact details to: info@resource-hwu.org and copies of the forms will be sent to you.


• 18-month Access to Develop your Creative Practice and Skills •

• Use of Facilities and Equipment at the School of Textiles and Design* •

• Technician Support* •

• 50% or more Discount on Commercial Rates •

• Library Ticket •

• 20% Discount on Summer School Fees •

• Free Monthly Networking Events •

• Free Monthly Guest Lecture Series •

• Access to On-campus Accommodation at Daily/Weekly Rates •

• All the Inherent Benefits of being Associated with a World-class Research Facility •

*Use of facilities, equipment and technician support must be booked in advance and is subject to availability

resource facilities and services

Heriot Watt University – School of Textiles and Design

An international centre of education, innovation and research in textiles, fashion and design with unrivalled facilities and an inspirational location.


We are looking forward to helping practitioners develop and progress new and existing skills and to building lasting and supportive relationships.

Extensive facilities are available to resource subscribers and access can be arranged in advance by emailing Jim McVee at: bookings@hwu-resource.org

Access must be arranged and agreed in advance, to ensure availability on a particular day or for a particular period.

Subscribers wishing to use facilities without technical input from staff must demonstrate a level of competency. All our facilities will be technically supported if needed and we will be only too happy to assist.

What facilities are available through resource?

Further information can be found on the Heriot Watt University – School of Textiles and Design website at www.tex.hw.ac.uk

+ Clothing Workshops

  • Lockstitch machines
  • 3, 4 & 5 thread overlockers
  • Overlocker ‘rolled’ edge
  • Top & bottom cover stitch
  • Button hole
  • Bar tack Embroidery (PC supported)
  • Seam sealing, for taping seams – (waterproofing) technical/sports garments
  • Lectra pattern cutting and grading systems
  • Garment pattern digitising and automatic electronic pattern grading

+ Mac Lab

  • 20+ Apple Macs

+ Knitting

  • Domestic and V Bed Machines – these manual machines are a good starting point for would be knitters
  • Shima Knitting Machines (3 different gauges with design systems) – production panel knitting machines, as used by Peter Scott, Hawick Knitwear and Barrie
  • Linkers – to link sleeves, body and neck together

+ Laser Cutting

  • Laser Cutting and Etching – an industrial laser which can accurately cut or etch very intricate designs on a number of substrates: eg cloth, leather, denim, paper

+ Dye House & Lab

  • Loose Stock and Yarn Dyeing – for custom production of dyed yarns
  • Sample Dye Machines – used to colour match new dyes
  • Inkjet Printers for Fabric – can be used for small printed fabric samples

+ Screen Print

  • Screen Printing Facilities: including batik, devore, discharge and print onto paper – Heriot Watt has the largest print room in Scotland, a paradise for the screen printer! Large repeats facilitated
  • Acetate
  • Embossing – for permanently texturing fabrics using a heat set block method

+ Digital Print

  • 2 x Mimaki Digital Printers – able to reproduce graphically produced files on a number of pre-coated fabrics. We can pre-coat client fabrics at a cost. The equipment will print up to 1.6 metres wide and length as required. The digital printer may also be used for paper.

+ Weave

  • Scotweave Design Studio – CAD design for traditional fabrics
  • Bonas Sample Jacquard – can weave very intricate designs from original graphics
  • 30 + Hand Looms – a great way to learn the art of weaving. Useful too for experimental weave in paper and recycled materials.
  • G&D Fancy Yarn Twister – can twist yarns together to create heavily textured yarns for knit and weave

+ Polymer Extrusion

  • 1 Pilot Plant, plus 2 Bench Top Extruders, Polymer Extrusion and Filament Production – can produce some interesting filaments (technician operated only)

+ Microscopy

  • SEM with EDS capability – scanning electron microscope with nano scale imaging capability
  • Olympus Digital Optical Microscope – a good imaging tool with a fantastic colour enhancing palette. Can produce some beautiful images


How much will it cost?

resource costs are at least 50% less than Heriot Watt University’s standard commercial rates. This significant reduction is aimed at enabling resource subscribers to gain as much from use of the facilities as possible.

Lease of space in Print, Clothing Workshops etc (without technician input): £30-£60 per day
Technician Time: £30 per hour

All costs will be invoiced to resource subscribers – VAT at current rate will be added. (as at July 2013)

Other Facilities


As a subscriber to resource you will benefit from a library card offering you access to, and use of, the extensive library at the Scottish Borders campus in Galashiels – books and e-books, research tools, magazines and journals, online materials and great study spaces.


Heriot Watt University has invested £12 million in on-campus accommodation opening a brand new, state-of-the-art student village in September 2012. As a subscriber to resource, if you are travelling from further afield and prefer to stay overnight or for an extended period to accomplish a piece of work or study, you can rent self-catering accommodation (subject to availability). Contact Christine Kellett on 01896 892274 for all accommodation enquiries.

Contact Details

For general enquiries about becoming a resource member and for more information on the various subscription types please contact:

Louise Butler
resource Coordinator
Email: info@resource-hwu.org
Tel: 07774 832776


All enquiries and bookings for the use of space and facilities must be made by contacting:

Jim Mcvee
Business Development Manager
Heriot-Watt University: School of Textiles and Design
Email: bookings@resource-hwu.org
Tel: 01896 892142   Mob: 07894 850332


Campus Address:
Scottish Borders Campus
Nether Road

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